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R R Kables

R R Kables
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Rahul Cables is an authorized distributor of RR Kabels’ cables that include Building Wires and Cables, Single/Multi Core Control Cables, Armored/Unarmored Cables, Shielded Cables, Braided Cables used for insulation and sheathing a range of "ROHS" complaint polymers such as HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant), XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene), HR-PVC (Heat Resistant PVC - Thermal Rating 105 Degrees Celsius), and FRLS (Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC).

R R Kabels is known as the first Asian cable manufacturer who have introduced the concentric and compactly laid UNILAY conductor technology. R R Kables manufactures high quality LV/MV Cables using the latest technology made by the world leaders from EUROPE & USA. Electrolytic grade class 1, 2 & 5 Copper Conductors are supplied as per product line.

RR Kabels Range

• Telephone and Switchboard Cables,
• Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks,
• 4-Pair UTP CAT 5e and
• CAT6 Cable for Computer LAN Network

Flexible Wires

House Wires

• Superx
• Flamex
• Unilay
• Firex

Industrial Wires


• Single Core Cables
• Multi Core Cables
• LAN Cables
• Coaxial Cables
• Submersible Cables

Armored Cable

• Heavy Duty Performance & Offers the best combination of safety, efficiency and economy


• FR + HR 105°C Cable
• Greater current-carrying capacity offers economy of wire-gauge
• Higher Short Term and Long Term temperature ratings
• No overhauling or melting


• HR 105°C Single Core Unsheathed Copper Cables


• India's 1st Heat Resistance PVC Cables.

• Greater current-carrying capacity offers economy of wire-gauge.

• Higher Short-Term and Long-term temperature rating.

• No overheating or melting.

• Steam and boiling water resistant.


• Single Core flexible tri-rated cable

• Super flexibility to grades H05V-K and H07V-K

• Ideal for use in control panel boards

• Available with 105°C Insulation


• Multicore Flexible Cable for Appliances & Machine Tools


• Compact construction reduces weight per meter.

• Rugged yet flexible for industrial use.

• High temperature insulation.


• 4-Pair UTP CAT 5e and CAT6 Cable for Computer LAN Network


• High bit rates over extended distances.

• Ideal for use in structured cabling.

• Available in snarl-free pack of 305 meters & 100 meters.

• Import substitution product.


• Telephone and Switchboard Cables


• Low attenuation.

• Minimized cross talk.

• Flame retardant jacket.


• Co-Axial Cables for CATV Networks


• High quality Co-axial cable for Cable TV network.

• Low loss of signal quality.

• Wide band of frequencies due to low attenuation values.

• Higher bandwidth, more number of CATV channels.

• Better clarity of transmission with lesser weight.

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